Attention New Shooters
Cowboy action shooting is a sport for all physical and shooting abilities. There’s specific types or manufactured mid to late 19th century firearms that are allowed.
Rules on clothing varies in special classes but all wear cowboy clothes. Short sleeved T’s and shorts, gym shoes & ball caps are not allowed.

If you have never shot a Cowboy Action Match before, we ask that you please read the "Cowboy 101" page and the Bristol Safety Rules page on this website.

We also ask you to go to the SASS website and read the "SASS Rules". It would be helpful for you to download the SASS Shooters Handbook.

On Saturdays we have a special posse just for new shooters. This allows us to give a new shooter closer and more individualized attention. It also takes some of the pressure off of a new shooter. It is very rewarding to see a new shooter complete their first match or shoot a clean stage. 

Please feel free to contact one of our Match Directors with any
questions that you may have. 

                          LEAD BULLETS ONLY
         No heavier than  #7-1/2 Lead Shot allowed